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By Donna Welles
Find me on Instagram! I'm a member of DC Phi Beta Kappa. I graduated Phi Beta Kappa from UT-Austin with a BA in Russian, Eastern European, and Eurasian Studies. I also studied at Saint Petersburg State Polytechnic Institute in Russia. Archive 1

This website is daily notes about my time here in Washington, DC

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At night I wake up with the sheets soaking wet and a freight train running through the middle of my head.

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California 3 California 7
California 3
California 3
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Brewster's foot
What does that mean for everyone else

This is from Boardwalk Empire. They are at Princeton and supposedly someone's brother died on the Lusitania. My comment is that, I went to Texas. My high school is ten minutes from UT-Austin. What is the Texas response here?
Could the Lusitania have behaved in such a way that the ship wasn't lost?
In Texas we die from poverty in the desert because it's so hot and there isn't water. It's wealthy people who complain that their navy ship sank. Could they have prevented that somehow?

He had to throw his scarf out of the window to test to see if the body could be thrown out there.
In this one he throws Watson's revolver into the river.

There are complaints that Alex won't get his teeth fixed and that Anastasia is too skinny. I guess she went away. It says, I guess, it's her birthday. Thank goodness everyone travels for their birthday.

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"Sometimes all I think I about is Anna, late nights in the middle of June." - Evgeni Malkin

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"Sometimes all I think I about is Coleen, late nights in the middle of June." -Wayne Rooney

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I have these Irish proteges. Why do we do this? We do it for you. And for Kate's tit#$% and Coleen's tit%%^% #DC

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Alex's wife's like tit$% are on Instagram right now

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There is a I'm not going back sometimes of my job

Last night was my last BinBox shift. It was a college basketball game. There is some closure for me. I have British friends. I apply to so much stuff. What said no to me. I have relatives in New England. I have a cousin who 'said no to Harvard'. She's an idiot. She ended up going to law school at the University of Maine. I guess what I have to say about that is that they are weirdos up there, and they are the British.
I applied to Georgetown so many times and they said no so many times. But I do so much stuff and I apply to so much stuff, nobody knows that about me.
If I have British friends. I applied to Georgetown so many times. And they said no so many times. I actually know and I would go out to eat with these Chinese Communist Party members who went to Georgetown Law. We went to eat for the new year at a Chinese buffet. By then I was a Georgia Tech fellow and so I didn't even notice the Georgetown law students.
The Georgetown fans come to the stadium and they are such idiots. You wonder about the Germans. Georgetown isn't an Ivy League school. I think they're dumb. They're dumb about computers anyway.

These first photos are me and then Anastasia Ovechkin, Anna Kasterova, and Barbara Palvin.

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Pentagon 57
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Illinois 1

These are photos of me and Alex Ovechkin this week. I took these of me today 11-6-22. I think this photo of Alex is from last night or the night before.

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This is from Posh Spice's Twitter account:

Victoria 1

These are photos of me and Russian hockey players with their wives.

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"Well I went out and I jumped in my car..."
"I must have done 110 through Michigan County that night.."

"Until the sign said Canadian border 5 miles from here.."

[Nastyashubskaya #mexico2021]

Aus11 Aus12

[Capitals post-practice skating lessons with ovi jr . MedStar Capitals Iceplex]

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This is me talking about Alex Ovechkin. 11-16-21

He's supposed to be playing on the hockey team...

Моя сладость,моя любовь,моя прелесть,с твоим днем!мы с малышами очень тебя любим!спасибо что даришь тепло заботу и радость каждый день!очень люблю
My love, my dearest love, on your day! I love you so much. Thank you for all of the happiness you bring me in my life. Happy Birthday! Love!

"...alright alright..."
" church in the wild..."

These are photos of me and the Ovechkins. I'm from Texas. All of us live here in Washington, DC. Alex married Anastasia and they have two kids now. Both Alex and Anastasia are from Moscow. The kids are about five years old or younger. I think they live in Arlington, Virginia near the practice rink. Alex put this photo up of Anastasia on his Instagram account. I guess it's her birthday. (November 16, 2021)

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These are photos of me and Evgeny Malkin's wife, Anna Kasterova. She is from near Moscow. They have a small child. (November 5, 2021)

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